NguyenCong Minh Duc
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Imperial College London - Biological Sciences (the University)
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I am a second year undergraduate at Imperial College London studying Biological Sciences. I am seeking a tutoring position for STEM subjects for students at GCSE/A-level or equivalents. Sciences are my favorite subjects as they train many skills such as logical thinking, problem solving that can be applied to many aspects and future careers. Natural sciences subjects also help us understand and discover the world surrounding us that is full of mysteries, which never failed to amazed me. By being a tutor in one of these subjects, I hope to pass on this passion and love for science to younger people, as well to provide them with a better education opportunity and overcome challenges, which can give them a better future prospect for them. I have undertaken a tutoring training course provided by CoachBright volunteer tutoring group, which provided me with skills of tutoring for disadvantaged children such as how to deliver an effective lesson, encouraging students to develop independent thinking and provide constructive feedbacks for them, Moreover, I am also learned about safeguarding skills when give tutoring to vulnerable children. With my academic background and tutoring skills obtained, I hope I can become a tutor at the academy and deliver high-quality session for the students.

Features of sessions

Divide the session into 3 main parts: 

Acknowledging: reviewing the tutees knowledge of previous session and refresh the studied materials via quizzes, questionairres

Main part: academic activity, teaching prepared materials prior to lession, as well as checking the students understanding of the materials in the process. Can be done through active questioning, encourage students to explain the materials again in their own words. First solving problems step-by-step and and later teach them to solve by their own. Also actively listening from the students, putting self into tutees's perspective to provide the best learning experience for them, as well as creating a friendly enviroment to encourage the tutees to ask questions by themselves

Wrap-up: summarize the learnt materials, identify weaknesses of the tutees and give advices for improvements. Also asking input from the tutees for next session materials, or anything that I need to improve in teaching that can help them better.  

Tutors are strictly examined and selected.
We only take tutor applications from graduates of top 500 universities in the world. For those who pass our standard will go to verification process. Our team will examine each of the applicant's qualification, communication and tutoring style.
Subjects offered
Subject Qualification Price
Maths GCSE HK150 /hr
Biology A Level HK150 /hr
Physics GCSE HK150 /hr
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12 - 5pm
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Subject Qualification Grade
Maths GCE A-level A
Biology GCE A-level A+
Physics GCE A-level A
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