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My name is Aikaterini Palli. I own a degree as Primary teacher in Greece and I am a Newly Qualified Teacher in UK. During my third and fourth years at University I have worked as a tutor for children in Primary school and supported them to overcome their learning difficulties. In this role, I designed worksheets tailored to the needs of each student and helped them improve their school performance .Having decided to pursue a career in Special Education I opted to relocate to London in order to gain more experience on the field. In my first year in London, I have worked at Saint Sophia’s Greek School as a Teaching Assistant and as an ABA tutor at Beyond Autism Schools. During my second year in London I have started my MA in Specific Learning difficulties at UCL. Teaching at Saint Sophia's School provided me with worthwhile classroom experience while my work as an ABA tutor enabled me to get further experience in the field of Special Education. Since November, I am working at Servite primary school as Learning Support Assistant. Specifically in my latter role I am supporting learners to improve their skills as well as I am creating their daily individualized support programmes. Many of the learners, aside from other struggles, have literacy difficulties to overcome, so my goal is to support them reinforce their existing skills and help them discover and master new ones. As hard as maintaining both of these jobs may be, I consider the lessons I am learning invaluable. I would be really interested to be recruited in your team and create a happy and motivating environment for the students where they can learn and flourish at the same time.

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The sessions varried. I have uploaded my transcript so you can have a look at the courses that I have attended during my 4 years degree.

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