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My name is Arran, I have just completed my final year as an undergraduate at King's College London where I have been reading for a degree in History and expect to achieve a first-class or high upper second class classification. I have a place at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge to read for an MPhil in Medieval History, I will begin this course in September 2021. I am committed to becoming a Historian and intend to follow up my MPhil with a Ph.D./DPhil. I want to share my commitment to History and offer high-quality, fun, and engaging tuition for students who strive to get the best out of themselves. Having been on the receiving end of online tuition for over a year now, I know what works for students and what gets them interested and keeps them engaged. For example, tutors using a mixture of power points, interactive source analysis and talking to the camera, and getting students involved in the class tended to be the most engaging. Classes where the teachers were not proactive in engaging with students and only letting them talk to each other made for boring class time and lost attention. I intend to wholly follow the former example and combine different teaching methods so that my students get the most out of their tuition. 


My primary academic focus is Medieval History, my main interests being post-Roman/Early Medieval Europe and Medieval Britain. I am also interested in Global History after 1800, particularly Revolutions and Colonialism. I am a quick learner and easily able to research and present a topic to a student if they need to learn about something that I am not completely familiar with. Having done two dissertations during my final year as an undergraduate, researching and presenting a topic in a distilled format is one of my key strengths. I am therefore able to offer tuition in various Social Sciences, Geography, and English Language and Literature. In terms of international curricula, I am familiar with the International Baccalaureate and the Hong Kong and Chinese education system. I am aware of the cultural and political sensitivities surrounding history education in this area. I also have some familiarity with the system in Singapore and understand how the system there has changed over the last 56 years since it gained independence from Britain. I am not limited to these regions and would be very much open to learning the syllabus or curricula of any other educational authority. Having been a member of a top 50 global university and have a place at a top 10 global university I understand what it takes to get into and achieve at these renowned institutions. I am also available to give more general tuition, such as interview prep, entrance examination prep, or advice on admission procedures. I have intimate knowledge of the Oxbridge admissions test, specifically the History Aptitude Test, and what is required to get a good mark and proceed to interview. I am also able to advise on admissions to American universities.


I am an extremely capable verbal communicator. My time spent as President of the King's College London Mountaineering Club has given me valuable experience in communicating with a diverse team to deliver an engaging community experience to an equally diverse student body. I was in charge of delivering a comprehensive teaching experience to these students, where each student had to learn how to climb safely, with or without ropes. This meant having both a serious, but friendly relationship with the student. We were both in the position where we had each other’s lives in our hands, therefore good teaching and communication were essential. Furthermore, during my time as a student I had to deliver various individual and group presentations, which involved a high level of articulation and communication of complex information whilst also putting forward a coherent argument. Both academically and socially I am an astute and culturally aware communicator and I pride myself on being able to maintain a good relationship with anyone.


Outside of academia and university life, I have worked as an Ice Climbing Instructor, teaching complete novices and experienced climbers alike. Being able to understand a student’s ability was essential and a skill I developed rapidly. I am thus able to tailor my lessons effectively and quickly depending upon the student's experience with a particular topic. I have also been a contributor to Chinese GQ and have had some of my photography published online by Teen Vogue. I am also an accomplished musician having toured throughout the UK as a guitar player in various bands. I would be open to teaching Photography skills or Music. I am competent with most programs in Adobe Suite and Logic Pro X.


In terms of availability, over the summer I am available every day, 9 am - 6 pm (GMT) or 3 pm – 12 am (GMT + 8). There is also a degree of flexibility with these hours. After September 15th my availability will be more limited as I will be starting my MPhil at Cambridge. As this is a research degree, however, I will still be able to work effectively long-term with students and parents. Having done two dissertations in my final year at undergraduate level, as well as running the mountaineering club and maintaining a part-time job I can organise myself extremely efficiently. I intend to bring this approach to tuition and deliver high-quality and organised service to both parents and students.   


I am a driven and organised individual but I also fun and friend teacher who strives to get students to achieve their best and unlock their potential. My goal is to not only get the students to achieve their ambitions but also open up a wider world of knowledge and understanding of the historical world and how it informs their present. I believe that education’s primary goal is to inspire. History inspired me to open myself up to the world and I want to share that passion with others. 

If you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so via the details provided.

Features of sessions

My sessions will feature a mix of approaches depending upon your child's needs and goals. Over the last year I have been on the recieving end of online tuition because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I therefore understand what types of online tuition work for different types of students.

Feautures that I am able to include in my sessions would be:

- Essay writing skills and tips

- Interactive and co-operative source analysis

- Exam tips and strategies 

- Traditional lecturing and presentations of a topic/subject

- University application guidance for entrance exams (such as the History Aptitude Test for both Oxford and Cambridge) and personal statement advice.

- Interview prep for Arts & Humanities subject (e.g. History, Politics, Social Sciences etc.)

Tutors are strictly examined and selected.
We only take tutor applications from graduates of top 500 universities in the world. For those who pass our standard will go to verification process. Our team will examine each of the applicant's qualification, communication and tutoring style.
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English GCSE HK150 /hr
Personal Statements University HK200 /hr
HAT University HK200 /hr
Oxbridge Preparation University HK225 /hr
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