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UCL (University College London) - BSc biomedical sciences (Bachelors)
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I have been tutoring students (age: 5 – 18) for 5 years in school and outside the school for several subjects (mainly maths, 3 sciences and piano). I was able to balance my study and tutoring plus other activities/hobbies efficiently. 

• Student Curriculum Partner (to help BAME students)

• Academic Rep in the faculty of Life Sciences

• Currently resource creator for PMT Education so i am aware of the system of many examboards

• Quizlet Education Advisor

• Biology Olymiad - silver

• Maths Olympiad - silver x2

• Graduated with A*A*A in A level (Maths, Chemistry and Biology respectively) and A in AS

for Physics

• Achieved 8A*s, 3As and B in GCSE

I initially build up my teaching experience by volunteering in tutoring at school since GCSE then I tutored more students (especially KS3 and GCSE) outside school for mainly Maths and Sciences until now. I recently helped out A level students who wanted to apply to Medicine or similar courses as Biomedical Sciences as well as those who want to apply to Oxbridge with their university admissions. Currently, I am teaching a student remotely to help her move up from Foundation to Higher tier in GCSE Maths but also I am helping a 9 years old brilliant kid preparing for GCSE Maths exams. Furthermore, I am currently working with PMT Education for writing model answers for Maths and Sciences (GCSE-A level for various examboards). Hence, I am very knowledgeable about various examboards style and content. I can help you achieve the target you want with my friendly, personalised and supportive teaching style in a fast pace! 

Features of sessions

What I can offer:

I will give out free (lesson) notes with detailed step by step notes and tips. 

I can prepare some easy to difficult type of questions to prepare you for your exams.

If you want to apply to Oxbridge or medicine, I can help you prepare your university admission from personal statements to interview. 

My teaching style: 

I believe tutor needs to have great organisation skills to ensure they create the most efficient and useful lesson to the student in order to help the students achieve their target. I have proven to have good organisation skills by being able to carry out many roles/activities successfully while studying and by always planning and preparing resources to provide the best learning experience for the students. The tutor also needs to have good communication skills: I try to be friendly, patient and become an active listener so that the student feels supported and comfortable at asking questions. I also maintain a positive attitude by giving lots of encouragement and praise to promote motivation in students. I previously give positive feedback to my students even for small progress and this has shown to boost the student’s confidence. Furthermore, I am usually very interactive with students: I encourage them to try answer the questions or have a guess and if they seem to struggle then I usually try to give hints so that the students can figure things out themselves. Moreover, I understand that everyone has a different learning style and pace of learning. So I attempt to present new or difficult concepts in various ways to find the best method of approach customised to each individual. 

I am free during summer most times thus I am up for anyone who wants to get an intensive tutoring for bigger and faster improvements!

My responds time is within 12 hours thus I am readily available. 

Tutors are strictly examined and selected.
We only take tutor applications from graduates of top 500 universities in the world. For those who pass our standard will go to verification process. Our team will examine each of the applicant's qualification, communication and tutoring style.
Subjects offered
Subject Qualification Price
Chemistry GCSE HK270 /hr
Biology GCSE HK270 /hr
Maths GCSE HK270 /hr
Physics GCSE HK270 /hr
Chemistry KS3 HK250 /hr
Biology KS3 HK250 /hr
Maths KS3 HK250 /hr
Physics KS3 HK250 /hr
Chemistry Form 1-3 (Year 7-9) HK215 /hr
Biology Form 1-3 (Year 7-9) HK215 /hr
Maths Form 1-3 (Year 7-9) HK215 /hr
Physics Form 1-3 (Year 7-9) HK215 /hr
Chemistry A Level HK400 /hr
Biology A Level HK400 /hr
Oxbridge Preparation A Level HK400 /hr
Personal Statements A Level HK300 /hr
Science GCSE HK300 /hr
All Availability
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Pre 12pm
12 - 5pm
After 5pm
Subject Qualification Grade
Chemistry GCE A-level A+
Biology GCE A-level A
Maths GCE A-level A+
Physics Year 12 or equivalent A+
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