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University of Amsterdam - Mathematics & Philosophy BSc (Joint Hons.) (Bachelors)
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Amittai-Shlomo Aharoni 


BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Philosophy, University of Warwick: Computability Theory (81), Logic II (87), Norms Metrices and Topology (73), Algebra II (84), Algebraic Topology I & II, Complex Analysis, Introduction to Differential Geometry

A level: Maths (93), English(96), Physics (93), Chemistry (95), Bagrut Diploma, Tichon Hadash Tel-Aviv, Israel (2010-2013)

Extra Curriculum

·        2019       Head of the Academic Philosophy Society

        Academic Philosophy speakers Lineup

        Established a society focused on academic seminars and talks

        Arranged PhD speakers from inside and outside of the university to talk about Philosophy and Logic

        Established a Philosophy reading group

        Managed the events and marketing

·        2020    Summer research scheme

        Researched the free non-commutative Tambara functors on the category of rings as part of the URSS scheme

        Engaged with advanced mathematics

        Tackled the research question and tasks independently

        Wrote a full article on the research

        Presented the research results as part of a showcase event

·        Mathematics & Philosophy Mentoring Scheme

        Supported and taught two first year mathematics and philosophy students


·        2010-2011            First aid provider, MDA

        Volunteered at the israeli red cross as a first aid provider as part of a three-person ambulance team

·        2010       Testimony Theatre

        Testimony Theatre is a drama-therapeutic project concentrated in helping holocaust survivors and their children with the war traumas

        Documented Holocaust survivors’ stories, offering emotional support

        Scripted and enacted their stories as part of a theatrical play

·        2011       Commemorating a deceased soldier and assisting the bereaved family

        Took part in a high school project, documenting the childhood of the deceased son and wrote his biography

·        2010-2013            Scout and tour guide, SHELACH

        Planned and managed tour guides for as large as 50 people groups financially, logistically and in the field itself

        Taught tour teams, instructed them and helped to develop leadership skills

·        2012       Volunteered at a refugee day care

        Mentored a six-year-old refugee child for a year, playing and doing different activities

        Assisted him with his homework

Work Experience

2013-2016             Lead Mechanic, The Israeli Army

  Entrusted with the fire infrastructure of the naval home base

  Designed an automatic logistic system, managing and analysing fire equipment

  Managed a reform in base floor plans, fire training and manuals

  Won the Naval Badge of Excellence of 2014 for my leadership skills

2015-2016             Manager of Internal and Customer Facing Content, Necto Panorama

  Panorama Necto Demo  - Web analysis application (Python)

  Developed data analysis tools using Python and MS Excel for analytic softwares

  Built interactive presentations for the sales department involving real time data analysis through web applications

  experienced with multiple tools and languages such as: crm systems, sales force, oneNote and Python

  Interacted and gained experience with many markets and firms in the fields of insurance, air technologies, banks, learning in process their specifications and requirements and dynamically adjusting my team to their needs

2016-2017             Intern and Back-end Developer, Regulus BG

  MyDataLaboratory - Web analysis application  (PHP, JavaScript, Symfony, Python)

  Entrusted with e-commerce projects, working independently and as part of large teams

  Worked on my first large project as a back-end developer using the PHP Symfony framework

  Implemented data crawling and data analysis technologies using Python

  Assisted the front-end development team using Javascript

2017-2018             Owner and Back-end Developer, Right-Solutions BG

  Realya - Landing Site  (VBScript, JavaScript)

  Bikenet - E-Commerce Site  (VBScript, JavaScript)

  Negevarts - E-Commerce Site  (PHP, JavaScript)

  Supervised large outsourcing data-analysis projects

  Cooperated with multiple companies both in Israel and Bulgaria

  Designed and developed wide range of sites for different markets and needs such as e-commerce, landing pages, blogs, marketing websites and industrial web apps with content management systems

  Tackled a diverse range of tasks from graphic design to development, implementing a wide range of technologies


        First dan Shito-Ryu Karate and Korindo Aikido

        Rugby Union as part of the Warwick team

Historical martial arts

Features of sessions

BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Philosophy, University of Warwick: 

  • Computability Theory (81)

  • Logic II (87)

  • Norms Metrices and Topology (73)

  • Algebra II (84)

  • Algebraic Topology I & II

  • Complex Analysis

  • Introduction to Differential Geometry

  • Philosophy of Language (72)

  • Decision Theory (72)

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