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I’m Holly, a linguist who has just completed her Masters in Italian literature after reading German and Italian at Undergraduate level, also at the University of Oxford. I have ample experience as a teacher after working in schools in Lombardy, Italy in 2019, and I am well-versed in the subjects of Philosophy, English Literature, and Ancient History, as well as German and Italian literature and language. I can help with language learning as well as structuring and writing essays and commentaries in English, and I am extremely enthused about all the Humanities! I firmly believe in the value of the arts, having dedicated my academic research to the study of history, philosophy, literature and language, and having participated in and won several essay writing and speech competitions over the years and been involved in extra-curricular projects relating to my subjects.

Above all, I am personally invested in the success of my students and want them to feel that their academic work has worth. I have two brothers currently in high school, one of whom is in his final year, and I offer practical support as well as motivation and excitement to help them with their assignments, offering patience and understanding when they are struggling. My goal is to see my students excel and feel excited about their subjects, and not to feel overwhelmed. Access is particularly important to me, and I will offer constant support and motivation for anyone who struggles with disability, having worked closely with disabled students and those who find their mental health impacted by the stress of a heavy academic workload.

I am originally from Australia and have dual citizenship, so I am familiar with the Australian, English and IB systems of assessment.

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My graduation ceremonies have been delayed until September 2021 and October 2021 on account of the pandemic, however I have received a certificate of completion for my undergraduate degree which I am attaching provisionally.

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Italian IB HK250 /hr
English A Level HK250 /hr
Philosophy A Level HK250 /hr
German A Level HK250 /hr
History A Level HK200 /hr
MLAT (Modern Languages) University HK250 /hr
TSA Oxford University HK250 /hr
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Italian International Baccalaureate(IB) A+
English Year 13 or equivalent A
Philosophy Year 13 or equivalent A+
German Year 13 or equivalent A+
History Year 13 or equivalent A+
MLAT (Modern Languages) the University A+
TSA Oxford the University A+
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