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my name is Hana Koscec and I am currently enrolled in MSc Molecular Medicine programme at Imperial College London. Because our course is structured so beautifully, I am able to organize my time in a way that gives me the opportunity to work part-time and I would love to join your team of online tutors. The field I would feel most confident tutoring is biology, since I have an undergraduate degree in Biology from Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Studying biology provided me with deep understanding and knowledge of a broad range of subjects (botany, zoology, microbiology, molecular biology etc) as well as experience in hands-on practical courses. I believe I can present these topics in a way which is adaptable to the level of knowledge my listener has, making it understandable for everyone. I have tutoring experience from back in Croatia, where I would always help my younger cousins study for their biology exams. Over time, I started tutoring their friends, other middle school, and high school students as well. The biggest reward for me was when they would come home all happy and excited because they got a good grade, making me happy as well! On top of tutoring biology, I always try to teach what I believe are valuable skills, like how important it is to organize time efficiently, which is what I learned by parallelly attending two high schools (bilingual programme Cro-Eng grammar school and music high school). Learning about music theory and composing has also trained me to focus on detail and obtain a creative approach towards solving problems, which I believe is another valuable skill I try to implement and pass on to the people I teach. All things considered, I would love to be able to continue working with kids and young adults, creating a positive learning environment and helping them succeed in their examinations. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

All the best,

Hana Koscec

Features of sessions

Cell and Molecular Biology

General and Inorganic Chemistry


Physical Education and Health Culture 1

General Zoology

Plant Morphology and Anatomy


Physical Education and Health Culture 2

Organic Chemistry





Physical Education and Health Culture 3

General Ecology

Microbial Ecology


Field Course

Physical Education and Health Culture 4

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Biological Oceanography

Fundamentals of Environmental Protection

Plant Nomenclature and Classification


Biological Evolution

Animal Physiology

Biological Anthropology


Systematic Botany

Plant Physiology

Field Course


Seminar Paper

Animal and Plant Cell Culture

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