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My name is Qasim and I am here to help. I graduated from University with a degree in Physics. This means I am up to date with everything you need to pass your exams in:

Physics - GCSE and A-Level and IB

Maths - GCSE and A-Level and IB

Further Maths - GCSE and A-Level and IB

Chemistry - GCSE and A-Level and IB

Biology - GCSE 

I am also a pro at exam technique! I have been through all these exams several times and know what to expect. Don't worry if you haven't had a tutor before or are struggling to find help, I have over 5 years experience tutoring people of a variety of ages! I believe all students have potential and sometimes they just need some support to achieve their goals.

So, what are you waiting for, book now and enjoy acing your exams. I look forward to meeting you!

Features of sessions

Delivered online and face to face session for over 5 years. Equipped to deliver you the best online tution through technical expertise and written problems.

Tutors are strictly examined and selected.
We only take tutor applications from graduates of top 500 universities in the world. For those who pass our standard will go to verification process. Our team will examine each of the applicant's qualification, communication and tutoring style.
Subjects offered
Subject Qualification Price
Maths A Level HK400 /hr
Physics A Level HK400 /hr
Chemistry A Level HK400 /hr
Further Mathematics A Level HK450 /hr
Further Mathematics IB HK450 /hr
Maths IB HK450 /hr
Physics IB HK450 /hr
PAT University HK500 /hr
Personal Statements University HK200 /hr
Chemistry IB HK450 /hr
Maths GCSE HK350 /hr
Chemistry GCSE HK350 /hr
Physics GCSE HK350 /hr
Biology GCSE HK350 /hr
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Pre 12pm
12 - 5pm
After 5pm
Subject Qualification Grade
Maths GCE A-level A
Physics GCE A-level A
Chemistry GCE A-level A
Further Mathematics GCE A-level A
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