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I am confident in my English skills and would love the oppurtunity to teach students. During my last job working for New York State Senator Robert Jackson I was the head of the internship program in our office, among other things. I recall mentoring, giving development workshops and helping the interns ranging from high school and college students to be the most rewarding part of my day. I can sense that the youth feels a connection with me and with time I cultivate a professional relationship with all of the students. It is important for me that the student asks as many questions as they deem necessary without reluctance. Furthermore, I believe in empowering the student. Not only do I intend to teach them the subject or task at hand, but I want them to dictate how they will complete it and in return I give them feedback. 

Often times English teachers work on language skills while neglecting to work on interpersonal skills. I believe this to be a setback for when the student begins interacting with advanced English speakers. It is vital that along with being taught English there is constant work done on building the confidence of the individual learning. Thus, my aim of teaching would be through providing learning practices which hone ones capability to analyze and form new thoughts in English. When I work with students it is essential that they see the material as more than a challenge they must circumvent. I want them to find the material intriguing and towards the completion of their work they walk away with more than the ability to write and read English. They should think and feel comfortable developing work, ideas and projects in the language with the comfort and confidence a native speaker inhabits.

I will be a great contribution to this facility because despite knowing how to speak English when I moved to the States from Pakistan at the age of eight, I came across some discrimination. Peers would imitate my accent, trying to lessen my confidence and make me feel like a pariah. Fortunately, I had inherent love for English and instead of letting this experience break me, I began channeling my emotions through poetry. I recall through taking part in poetry readings my confidence and interpersonal skills improved, while paving a way to make friends. The students I will teach will have more than a tutor, they will have a connection. As we complete the course they will have respect for the the progress they've made. I want them to feel empowered through learning English and understand that speaking with an accent is not to be confused with not being able to communicate. One must learn to communicate their thoughts and keep trying until they have successfully done so. Learning is more than becoming good at something, it is a skill which should allow onself to convey and contribute to the community they belong to.

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I have my Bachelors from City College of New York aquired in 2019. I am currently working on my Masters degree in Modern South Asian Studies at the University of Oxford.

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