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University of Oxford - Physics (Mphys) (Master's degree)
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I really enjoy learning new things and have always derived great satisfaction from sharing them with others. I view teaching and learning as two sides of the same coin of knowledge and this appreciation has guided me both in my times as a student as well as a tutor. I endeavour to impart to my students independent thinking skills and a sense of creativity, so that they are well equipped to confront various challenges and explore imaginative solutions to complex problems on their own.

During the past few year, I have had ample opportunities to hone my teaching skills both in person and online tutoring. I have helped students in their Oxbridge applications for Physics and Engineering related courses by offering them personal statement consultations and providing them with training for the university admission tests. Currently, I am pursuing a PGCE in Physics to further deepen my understanding of child pedagogy to be able to render complex concepts as accessible as possible to new learners.

I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity of living in three different countries across two continents and this has enriched me with the knowledge of several languages and cultures. I really enjoy learning about philosophy, especially its easter manifestations, and love exercising and practicing mindfulness regularly. A healthy mind and body are the best home for learning!

Features of sessions

First Year:

  1. Classical Mechanics and Waves

  2. Electromagentism, Optics and Circuit Theory

  3. Linear Algebra and Differential equations 

  4. Multivariable Calculus and Complex Numbers

  5. Astrophysics: From planets to the Cosmos

  6. Practical Work

Second Year:

  1. Thermal Physics

  2. Electromagnetism and Optics

  3. Quantum Physics

  4. Complex Analysis 

  5. Practical Work

Third Year:

  1. Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity

  2. Symmetry and Relativity 

  3. Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics

  4. Sub-Atomic Physics

  5. General Relativity and Cosmology

  6. Condensed-Matter Physics

  7. Mini-Project: Biophysics

Fourth Year:

  1. Astrophysics

  2. Theoretical Physics

  3. Project: Measuring the rotation curve of the Milky Way from the hydrogen 21 cm line

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Further Mathematics A Level HK400 /hr
Chemistry A Level HK300 /hr
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Chemistry GCE A-level A+
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