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Dear Oxbridge Team, 

I am applying to be a tutor at Oxbridge Academy as advertised on the King's College London career website. Please find my cover letter below and my CV attached to this email. 

I am currently in my third year of undergraduate studies at KCL - doing International Relations. However, during high school I applied to a number of American universities and was successfully admitted. Some of the universities that I was admitted to are: Brown University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Texas at Austin (UTA), New York University (NYU). 

I had given my SAT and received a score of 1580/1600, making me especially fit to undertake this task. On top of that, I have also given the SAT English subject test and scored 780/800. Moreover, this summer I have given my GRE exam and have scored a 159/170 in English and 161/160 in math. 

Given these scores, I believe that I will be a great fit as an English and Math tutor. I can also provide candid advice on submitting applications to US universities as an international student since I have successfully undertaken this same task during my senior year in high school. 

I am also very motivated to tutor students. I used to be an English and Math tutor in high school for 3 years (from my sophomore year up to my senior year). On top of that, I also have experience teaching English as a Second Language in villages in India (specifically in Uttar Pradesh).

Furthermore - I will be available to tutor on any of the dates that are most convenient for the client. 

My ample teaching experience as well as my personal experience in taking the SAT test as well as AP English along with engaging with the Common App (US universities UCAS equivalent), will allow me to be a helpful, motivated, and empathetic tutor. 

Best wishes


Features of sessions

A sample from my SAT session that I have held previously:

Session 7: Essay Writing Tips


The implications of using machines 

Rapid development of technology 

Pros and cons of technology and machines 

Human cost of using machines 

First perspective:

The development on machines is declining the level of humanity 

Losing morals 

Emphasizing the human cost 

Psychological impact 

Second Perspective:

Machines are convenient 

Positive outlook on the increasing presence of machines 

Hopeful - tone 

Third Perspective:

Psychological benefits of using machines 

Positive outlook on technological advancements 

Challenges our perception of work and of what humans are capable of 

Alludes to a more dynamic society 


Agree with the third perspective 

Your perspective: machines will be a gateway to understanding the future of humanity. However, I do agree that we are losing in touch with our humanity. But we are evolving and this is a part of the inevitable growth process. 

Machines are a gateway of understanding the future of humanity 

Virtual reality 

Helping us understand different stages of consciousness 

Through the use of social media we are spreading ideas quicker than we have done before

Evolving with technology is a part of an inevitable growth process 

Compare neanderthal understanding tools and how that opened up new ways on looking at life 

Engaging with Perspective 1

Agree that we are losing touch with humanity 

I do agree that machines are more intelligent than human beings. But these quick machines are feeding into consumers - mass production 

New technologies should follow some code of conduct in order to ensure that we are not losing touch with humanity 

Monitor technological developments 

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