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Hi there! I have over a decade of experience teaching English in various educational contexts: the national state system in England, international schools and TEFL English. I am able to support learners in the following subjects: English language, English literature, English as a foreign language, Media studies, Drama, TOK as well as supporting students with key skills such as resilience, problem-solving, managing multiple deadlines and well-being. 

I also have a lot of experience with individual educational needs: ADHD, the Autism spectrum, dyslexia as well as working through native language examinations despite being a second language student. 

My guiding educational philosophy is building meta-cognition, this means, helping a student become active in their own learning. What grade are you aiming at? I can help guide you to what you're currently doing, what you need to do to get that grade, and how you need to 'work smart' to get there. This means, I spend a lot of time breaking down examination rubrics and criteria with you, giving you lots of examples, so that we can work towards getting you there. I personally am a very visual learner (I grew up bilingual) so I use a lot of interesting and fancy visuals I either photograph myself or collect from Pinterest, IG and so on. My focus is to create a safe space where you can learn from your mistakes to get to where you need to go.

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UCL have yet to send us our MBA International Educational Leadership certificates, but I can share a copy of the email. In the meantime, I upload my Masters in English, completed in 2006 France at the Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle 3 University. Likewise, I also have a copy of my PGCE in English, Drama and Media Studies completed in 2010 from Canterbury Christchurch University.

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Personal Statements IB HK100 /hr
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