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Hi, my name is Connor and I studied History and Economics at Oxford. My sessions will aim to inspire my students to aspire to be the best whilst putting them in control, by allowing them to solve problems for themselves, with minimal tutor input to foster deep understanding, rather than superficial retention.

Having teachers throughout my school life that were prepared to give their attention to me in a 1:1 environment was crucial to my success. Whether this be to obtain grades or to give them the best opportunity to meet certain goals, a tutor dedicated to ensuring that their student fully understands a subject is invaluable. I aspire for my own tutelage to be as useful as my own mentors to students who feel they are not given the attention they deserve.

Coming from a state background, I appreciate the role that individuals can have in inspiring one to dream big. I wish for my students to leave my sessions understanding they can improve, and that there is no limit to their success – especially students who feel they are underachieving or who may apply to university.

Features of sessions

My sessions will be targeted to the student, with the best way for this to occur is to give them the reigns over their own learning. My sessions will not be aimed to be a deluge of information, which rely on the student taking notes and learning it in their own time but dedicated to tackling the student’s needs directly. I want to know what you wish to improve upon, and how you want to achieve it; it is then my job to then make that happen. Crucial to this method is the role of the student asking questions, speaking up when they do not understand topics, and being an active participant in lessons than a passive observer.

Lessons will fundamentally orbit around past paper questions, to ensure that topics learnt are always relevant. However, to ensure topics are always engaging, I'll always seek to use additional questions to further learning beyond the syllabus, utilise online tools to make lessons visually stimulating, and ensure I speak for as little as possible. As a tutor I can prompt or ask questions to further their understanding of the question they are answering, but my role in this end task will be minimal to ensure the student feels confident that they truly have learnt something by the end of the session.

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We only take tutor applications from graduates of top 500 universities in the world. For those who pass our standard will go to verification process. Our team will examine each of the applicant's qualification, communication and tutoring style.
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History A Level HK750 /hr
TSA Oxford University HK750 /hr
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