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倫敦大學學院 - Pure Mathematics (學士學位)
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I have completed a Bachelors Degree with a First Class Honours for Pure Mathematics at University College London and have a strong desire to support individuals in their academic studies. Thriving academically and finding the right mentors and tutors during the crucial and defining young teenage school years, is something that can make the biggest impact in the lives of young people.

I have countless experiences working with 100s of youths around the UK, in education of character development, mentoring, creativity and academia. My main focus in tutoring is in Mathematics, all the way from primary school, through to 11+ exams, where I can also teach verbal reasoning, English & Maths, until A-Levels for students in year 13. I also have experience in tutoring Chemistry & Biology up to GCSE level. I am successfully able to adapt to each students' way of learning and thinking to ensure that the students are being supported in the best way that suits them. I am organised and have strong communication abilities with both the students themselves, in and out of the class, as well as with the parents or carers of the students, informing them of their childs' progress, through verbal or written communication. Overall, education and bringing out the best in students and helping them reach their potential is something I am passionate about.


Features of Sessions

- a short recap of previous class' content/going through homework questions to ensure that students understand content well enough to move onto next part of content that may or may not require understanding of the previous topic 

- a short conversation with the students on how they got on with the homework, how their week has been, and anything I should be aware of before beginning the lesson, to build rapport and a good relationship with students

- a prepared lesson plan that is open to flexibility depending on how quickly students can understand and engage with content in the class

- quiz-like activities/questions to make learning the content fun, interactive, with positive reinforcement to encourage students

- already prepared set homework questions/activities/projects for students to do before the next session to help them practice content learnt in class so they can feel more confident when they come into the next class

- post-session, I will write up a written report on the students' progress, strengths and things that the student may need to improve on, for the parents/carers of the students

- at the beginning sessions, informing the students on the curriculum that we will be following so that both I and the student are in understanding and agreement of the content we want to cover, and the required speed of content and if anything need to be adapted, to make a plan together

- the aim is not for them to simply be able to do the questions so they can get good marks, but on top of that, to help them get a deeper understanding of the content they are learning, how it applies to the real world, and knowledge on the wider context of content being covered, and to instil a genuine desire to learn more and enjoy learning

All these featurs are dependent on the age of the student, how difficult the content will be and the speed of learning and understanding from each student. For example, if there is a more complex topic that needs to be covered, perhaps more time spent on understanding the concept would be more helpful before moving onto the pure mathematics of the topic. 

科目 級別 價格
數學 A Level HK300 /hr
附加數學 A Level HK300 /hr
數學 GCSE HK300 /hr
生物 中一到中三 HK250 /hr
化學 中一到中三 HK250 /hr
英語 小學 HK200 /hr
化學 小學 HK250 /hr
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科目 級別 成績
數學 大學 A+
附加數學 英國高考 A+
數學 英國高考 A+
生物 英國高考 A
心理學 等同第12班的中學學歷 A
日語 等同第12班的中學學歷 B+
化學 英國高考 A+
英語 英國高考 A+
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